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Rules & Regulations

  1. Films/videos either short or of feature length are accepted without any production year restrictions.

  2. Original scripts of any length are accepted. 

  3. Cash prize is offered to Best films/videos (of any length) and Best Screenplays (of any length). The management's decision regarding the winner(s) is final and non-questionable.

  4. English subtitles are must for films/videos which are not in English. 

  5. Scripts are accepted only in English. 

  6. If any open source content is used in any film/videos, the same needs to be mentioned. 

  7. Submission fees are non-refundable. 

  8. The judges' decisions are final, non-negotiable and non-questionable. 

  9. Any film/script that promotes bias against any community, faith, gender, race, culture, sexual orientation shall be disqualified. 

  10. Non-English films without subtitles shall be disqualified. 

  11. Scripts not in English shall be disqualified. 

  12. Winners shall be provided with a printable certificate and laurel. 

  13. Trophies are available and are free of cost. The applicant (winner) needs to bear the courier cost only unless it can be handed over to them during/after the event. 

  14. All information shall be on the public domain of FilmFreeway and our official website. 

  15. Spammers shall not be entertained. 

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