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What are the major types of sound used in a film

Sound is a very crucial component of cinema. it engages the audience and creates associative memories for them. Today we shall focus on four major types of sound used in the cinema. 

Dialogue - It is the key ingredient to the sound track of any film, unless it is a silent film. It is either recorded raw using various equipment such as boom mics etc or the actors can be called in the studio to do a re-recording.

Foley - These are sound effects that are designed to be synchronous with the actions of a character on-screen. This is to provide realism to what’s happening to the scene. Examples of synchronous sound bites are: the sound of people walking, the sound of a door opening, the explosion of a bomb detonating, etc.

Sound Effects - There are also soundtracks those do not correspond directly with any action on screen. They are simply added to provide an extra layer to the realism. 

Background score -  Whether instrumental tracks or songs written by artists for the film, provides the emotional aspect of the sound design. It’s common to hear soft, introspective music in scenes where the character is experiencing emotional turmoil or is going through a conflict. In chaotic scenes, on the other hand, fast and loud music could be utilized to carry the audience through the set piece.

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