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How to get a producer for your short film

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

Perhaps the most nagging fear that an independent filmmaker has is whether they shall be able to find a producer for their short film. 

While it is difficult to get a producer, especially if you are new to the industry, it is not impossible per say. Here we have tried to list down a few easy to follow steps to help find you a producer. 

Research well - Look into the works produced by several producers. Understand and then jot down the names of those who produce your genre of work. Producing a film is a matter of a lot of commitments with no guaranteed formula of success or return on investment. They have to feel really passionate about the idea you're working on. That brings us to our second point. 

Be passionate - You have to believe in your own idea and that belief must be so strong that it convinces someone to produce it for you. 

Have a plan - Time is money, keep that in mind and include a strict deadline in your project proposal. Create a schedule and present it.  Highlight your personal connection - Doing this tells this producer how invested you are in the project and that further builds their trust in you.  Understand the doable - Present the producer with a script which can be easily produced, meaning, there isn't too much technical hassle or grandeur.  Sell yourself while selling the script - Along with the quality of your script your qualities as a human being matter too. Focus on presenting your best self to the producer.  Follow up but don't over do it - After a meeting or an email, you shall of course keep a follow up but please understand what works with that person. Otherwise you may flip them off.  Content is the king - need we say more!

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